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It was a couple weeks ago – February 20, 2003 – the anniversary of my grandmother’s passing.

I was ten and, now, can’t think of a moment – mom’s face in the hall, picking me up from the Curtis’s house after her workday, saying ‘Grandma (her mom) died earlier today’ – sadder, in my life.

She fought cancer for eight-of-our-ten years together. I only realized she was sick when the cancer spread, treatment making her feel worse, in the last couple years. Until then, she came to birthdays, read at my school, walked us to the beach, played four-square on her patio and card games at night. Her home in Seal Beach, CA bears tremendous weight in my heart.

I have often wondered how she would adjust to my active cannabis attitude.

She was a hip California chick – kind and progressive – and a beloved educator but, before, her family was from Arkansas and, some ‘traditional’ values carried over. She never once smoked or used cannabis for treatment.

I wonder, now, with this knowledge of medicinal cannabis products, how I could have introduced her to their benefits and, how – perhaps, even, in early stages – it could have helped**.


Of course, though just past a decade, the times were different. While 34% of Americans favored marijuana legalization in 2003, nearly 60% are in favor now**.

That is why we CanniGive. Through multi-leveled appeals (emotional, ethical and logical) we increase this percentage, one enlightened perspective at a time. This is especially important when authoritarian cannabis views are spreading from our white house and attorney general.

What’s up their butt (pockets)?


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I gave my story (almost an anti-cannigive), now it’s your turn.

Make a difference, send a story of your giv-i-ness and how cannabis helps.

Email cole@rhatigans.com, subject: CanniGives (Name & Residence)

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P.S. I’m hitting up some Boulder Film Festival events this weekends so, expect next week’s post to detail some good giving going down there.



Disclaimer*** Cannabis products are for individuals 21 or older, consume responsibly.

Born in the OC, raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and trained at the UNESCO City of Literature’s University of Iowa, Cole has a BA in English Literature and Certificate in Writing from the University’s undergraduate program. Existentially overwhelmed by our grand story and humanity’s terrible scale, Cole maintains purpose through a focused appreciation of travel, new experience, creative expression, helping others and giving back to the planet. He has backpacked across Western Europe, exchanged labor for lodging on organic farms, and volunteered with underprivileged youth programs in his own neighborhood. He believes in sustained positivity, empathy, altruism, and the great potential of a more connected human species. Cole’s values drew him, early in young adulthood, to the symbiotic nature of cannabis consumption and culture. He realized, immediately, the hypocrisy and greed behind cannabis prohibition. Therefore, he is an everyday advocate for breaking stigmatization. He believes cannabis not a simple hobby but, a movement. His future plans include making bomb vegan food, more travel, living the Boulder life, and – before hitting the big ‘three-zero’ – an MFA in Creative Writing.