It was universal will introduced me to Ingula and Darren.

My search for fine brew had, when I arrived in Galway earlier that day, brought me to the Salt House, with the best tap selection in town. This, and the Oslo Brewpub – further along the Salt Hill Promenade – felt like the beginning to a boom in craft beer for Galway and, as an extension, Ireland. Both locations had an engaging staff and environment, interested and approachable visitors, and genuine conversation shared across the bar and different cultures.

Photo Credit: TNT Magazine
The Salt Hill City Center in Galway, Ireland.

The pair was standing at the outside drop-down bar against the Salt House wall. As I approached, a border collie by their feet perked his head and trotted my direction.

– George, heel!

He stopped and turned his head, panting happily.

– Sit

Then he sat and I knelt to scratch his ear.

– Good Boy!

And he got up, running back to his human companion.

– Now roll over, High Five? Good Boy, George!

George finished his routine to a reward of lovingly frantic belly-scratches. I followed the dog, noting to the couple how smart he was (and his being my favorite breed). Ingula complimented my boots, so I told her about the vegan construction. She, herself, was vegetarian. Darren, a red headed self-described Galway Tribesman, formally introduced himself and Ingula, a stunning blonde from Sweden. He asked if anyone had ever told me I look like Jesse from Breaking Bad; I laughed and told him a few too many times. He laughed and invited me for a pint, then we started our night of deep and personal conversation.

Before long, the couple’s third roommate appeared. He and Darren began a coded discourse I was familiar with. They were deciding how much cannabis flower to order from their guy. I saw the opportunity and jumped in. Without hesitation, Darren helped me out and squared me off with enough smokeable product to finish my travels in pleasure. My Ireland adventures are, forever, indebted to Darren and Ingula.

Despite Darren’s eager hospitality, and a recent poll showing nearly half of Ireland’s residents in favor of recreational weed, I do not foresee craft cannabis following the microbrew boom – like it did in Colorado and other states – anytime in Ireland’s near future.

Currently, recreational cannabis use is illegal in Ireland, and medicinal use is approved by the Minister of Health on a case-by-case basis.

However, a bill to allow the production of medical cannabis products for cases like multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and chemotherapy treatment passed Ireland’s legislative lower house in December. Simon Harris, Ireland’s Minister of Health, said he supports this kind of bill and is eager to see it progress. Still, he has also demonstrated reservations toward the bill inadvertently legalizing recreational use.

The bill still has to pass multiple levels of governmental scrutiny before it becomes law. Our hearts, this St. Patrick’s Day, 2017, are with the Irish. In a land where lush green foliage thrives, the potential for quality cannabis products is very intriguing but, still, speculation.


Darren demonstrated heroic cannabis giving. Now it’s your turn. Share your story and email with subject: Cannigives (Name & Residence). We would love to feature your good giv-i-ness.


Looking forward to further Irish festivities




Disclaimer *** Cannabis Products are for Individuals 21 or Older. Consume Responsibly.

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