Hey Stoners Welcome to The Johno Show I’m your weedtuber host Jonathan. Here is your countdown of the top 5 Cannabis news stories for the week. Yeah!

Story Number 5:

Continuing on a story I’ve updated you on recently the newly opened Cannabis Church, Elevation Ministries, is soon to become the first ever church to offer weed weddings.

Having just opened on 4/20 of this year and already garnering over 800 registered members; the church says it’s been overwhelmed with public demand for cannabis friendly weddings.

A spokesperson for the Church, said quote “We thought there would be interest from people wanting to get married at the church, but we never expected such a response. The demand from couples interested in celebrating their wedding with us… has been far greater than ever expected.”

In order to select the first ever “Elevated Wedding” the church is running a contest and I have that link in the description below. Or you could plunk down $4,200 and invite 200 of your stoner friends and gain a lifetime church membership.

Story Number 4:

Despite New Jersey’s backward ass governor Chris Christie’s ideas that legal cannabis is stupid; the medicinal marijuana review panel of New Jersey thankfully voted to approve several new conditions.

Now patients suffering from various types of chronic pain related to musculoskeletal disorders and visceral conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety and Tourette syndrome will now be included.

However, the panel voted against recommending use of the drug to treat asthma and chronic fatigue. This is just a preliminary step as the state Health Department will now post the recommendations on its website for 60 days, allowing for another public hearing to be held. The panel will then submit a final recommendation to Health Commissioner Cathleen Bennett, who has the final say.

Story Number 3:

Despite congress’ support of the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment, which limits the spending of federal tax dollars for cracking down on state-legalized medical marijuana programs the President has responded he can do whatever he wants.

Trump said quote “I will treat this provision the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment consistently with my constitutional responsibility to take care that the laws be faithfully executed,”

It is true that writing something in a signing statement as this was done; doesn’t make it law but if Congress was truly concerned about the cannabis industry they could easily fix this problem by passing any one of the numerous bills circulating that would amend the federal Controlled Substances Act and solve this problem once and for all.

Story Number 2:

A hero of our community has immerged and surprisingly it’s a Republican pro-life devout Christian from Georgia.

Rep. Allen Peake is running an underground medical marijuana network in order to get the drug to families who need it.

Current Georgia marijuana laws allows for the possession of medical marijuana, but provides no way of cultivating, purchasing, or importing the product.

Peake receives a cardboard box from Colorado to his office once a month. He doesn’t know who brings the box into the state, and he doesn’t ask. He then distributes this to the over 1,000 patients who are enrolled in the medical marijuana program but takes no payment as this again would be illegal.

Story Number 1:

A miraculous breakthrough has been discovered. For years researchers have been looking for ways to slow down or even reverse the process of aging on the brain.

Now researchers are reporting low doses of THC can help restore memory and reverse some of the effects of brain aging in mice. The findings could open new avenues for treating dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Like any other organ, our brain ages. As a result, cognitive ability also decreases with increasing age. Now scientists have proven regular, low doses of THC boosted performance in older mice.

The researchers tested learning capacity and memory performance in the animals. Those Mice who were only given a placebo displayed natural age-dependent learning and memory loss.

However, the cognitive functions of the mice treated with cannabis were just as good as the two-month-old control mice. “The treatment completely reversed the loss of performance in the old mice.


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