Hey Stoners Welcome to The Johno Show I’m your weedtuber host Jonathan. It’s Monday March 6th 2017 and this is your weed news of the week. Our main story tonight is legendary actor Sir Patrick Stewart admits to using cannabis. But first our other weed news.

Story 1:
In “Don’t Copy My Data“ News…
Oregon lawmakers worried about a nationwide crackdown on legalized marijuana are rushing to protect the personal information of pot customers.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers is introducing legislation that would require pot businesses to destroy internal logs of their customers’ names, addresses and birth dates within 48 hours. Currently, Oregon dispensaries have been keeping the data for marketing purposes.

Lawmakers from other states would be doing their constituents a solid by jumping on this type of legislation for their home states and protecting those currently listed as legal cannabis consumers.

Story 2:
In “Let My Cannabis Grow“ News…
Starting March 1st in California, PG&E customers growing medical cannabis can apply for reduced electrical rates and cost savings.

A PG&E spokesperson said quote: “Cannabis is a legal crop in our state, like almonds and tomatoes. Agricultural growers now will be eligible for the same rate and energy efficiency programs as farmers of other crops, now that cannabis is in California’s future, our next step is to work with these new agricultural customers and make this industry as energy efficient as possible.”

The agricultural energy rate applies both to customers who grow cannabis outdoors as well as indoors.

While recreational cannabis cannot be sold in California until January 2018, existing medical cannabis growers and future recreational growers are eligible for the program. PG&E’s agricultural energy rate does not apply to residential customers who under Prop. 64 can legally grow up to six cannabis plants inside a private residence.

Story 3:
In “Is This Organization Even Still Relevant” News…
The United Nations International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) issued a stark warning to the U.S., Canada and other countries where marijuana legalization is being considered and enacted.

According to the UN mandate, countries are prohibited from legalizing cannabis — except for medical and scientific purposes.

Eight U.S. States have moved to end marijuana prohibition. Uruguay has completely legalized it and Canada’s government has pledged to legalize marijuana by the spring.

As I reported a couple of months ago the INCB was in fact taking up the debate as to if they should move to accept a country’s decision to legalize marijuana. But while currently opposing legal regulation of marijuana markets, INCB is now on board with simple decriminalization.

While the U.S. can argue that it is still in compliance with INCB because marijuana remains illegal federally Canada’s national legalization plan will put the country in direct conflict with its obligations under the conventions.

So Canada has a couple of choices. First, the country could withdraw from the treaties. Second, the government could argue that moving marijuana out of the criminal market is a harm reduction measure and therefore the legalization of cannabis for all adults falls under the medical and scientific exceptions. Third, the country could collect data on legalization outcomes, in effect framing the end of prohibition as one big scientific study.

Either way, the U.S., Canada and Uruguay show no intention of stopping the march toward legalization simply because the INCB isn’t happy.

Story 4:
In “You Can’t Just Give The Shit Away” News…
In Springfield Massachusetts, The owner of “Mary Jane Makes Your Heart Sing” – yeah that’s the name of the store – was issued a cease and desist letter by police for violating the state’s recreational marijuana law when the shop offered patrons free “gifts” of marijuana after paying a $20 cover at the door. Customers could opt for a $50 VIP pass, which would ensure them three free samples of different strains of marijuana.

In Massachusetts, stores cannot sell the drug until 2018. Mary Jane’s website advertised “a marijuana infused chocolate bar upon every visit to the store” or “a complimentary gram.” There were no arrests or citations given when the store was shut down.

Finally our top story…
Sir Patrick Stewart icon of the Star Trek and X-Men franchises has revealed he uses a medicinal cannabis spray to help with his hands. He says quote:
“My main problem is my hands don’t work very well. But thanks to cannabis they work much better than they used to. Thanks to the law in California now, it’s just a spray that I put on.”

Now you might be saying to yourself is that really worth the top news story. Well, let me explain why it is. As I’ve mentioned many times, we are about to take on a fight between states rights and federal rights around the subject of legalizing marijuana. The key to winning these fights is organization and communication.

We must communicate the message that Cannabis heals. And there is no better way in an entertainment obsessed culture than to have a huge star like Sir Patrick Stewart explain that he uses cannabis for medicinal purposes.

We must actively fight against the stoner persona. So when an individual like Sir Patrick Stewart who has the ear of the media comes forward to explain that he too use this medicine, it is vital we push those details forward to the top story.


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