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With sales in 2016 topping over $1 Billion dollars for cannabis (in fact, Colorado hit that number in the first 10 months of the year), it’s no surprise that a large number of professionals are leaving corporate jobs for this new industry.  Professionals and entrepreneurs alike are seeing how lucrative this industry can be.   However, a lot of them are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of cultivation, retail setup, and even the legal aspects of working within the industry.   That’s where Shift Cannabis Co. comes in.   Shift Cannabis Co is based in Longmont, Colorado and is a consulting firm that specializes in the cannabis industry.

Shift is a consulting firm made up of individuals who believe “[b]outique is better, life is to be lived, and nothing is more serious than enjoying ourselves.”   These ideals have lead them to working specifically with boutique cannabis cultivation and retail.   Offering a wide range of consulting needs – including application preparation, operations, facility design, and brand building – Shift can provide cannabis companies insight and direction on many aspects of the industry.

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When it comes to cultivation and production assistance, Shift is there to provide assistance and experience in cultivation techniques, genetic resource management, and even contract cultivation services.   These services can definitely aid those new to the industry and even those with years of experience who are looking for new techniques or ideas.   When it comes to cultivation, Shift’s consultants “have hands-on experience with hundreds of cannabis varietals, including a large selection of CBD dominate strains.”

No matter if you are new to the cannabis industry or have years of experience, Shift Cannabis Co can provided assistance in many of your everyday business needs.   If you’re looking for consulting assistance and specifically interested in working with a group who does “the right thing, by our clients, by our planet, and by this wonderful plant” then Shift may just be the consulting firm for you.

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{Author’s Note:  This is not a paid advertisement for Shift Cannabis Co.  It is more of a chosen technique for this particular post.   As you know, my main hope with this blog is making you aware of different local cannabis companies.  With that being said, have a great week and many great hits!}

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Cannabis products are designed for adults 21 and over.  Please consume responsibly. 

James was born and raised in Southern Colorado. He holds a BA in English with a creative writing minor from CSU-Pueblo. After obtaining his BA, James took a position as an adjunct instructor of English at Rostov State University in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Besides the yearlong teaching stint in the “Motherland,” James spent time doing what most English majors do - working retail. After a few years of retail sales experience, he was able to move into corporate training. During his time in sales and training, he earned an MBA from Keller Graduate School. His background in English and Business has afforded him the opportunity to try many different pursuits. However, writing has always been a passion of his. Now using his business background along with his passion for writing, he will introduce you to local cannabis companies in his weekly blog.

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