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MexiCannabis Revolution

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Today in Mexico, communities host military parades to honor an improbable Mexican Army victory, under General Ignacio Zaragoza’s command, against French forces at the Battle of Puebla, May 5, 1862. While in America, Cinco de Mayo has assimilated into a party-focused holiday, celebrating (in some cases, appropriating) our country’s Mexican-American culture.

However, a totally different Mexican congregation has those within the cannabis community celebrating with extra incentive this year.

Just last week, with only 11 votes against and 371 votes in favor, the lower house of Mexico’s congress overwhelmingly passed a bill for medical cannabis, which would also increase funding for scientific research.

This bill has the potential to be historic for our southern neighbors, considering the generations of unnecessary violence surrounding the rise of drug cartels and their distribution of cannabis in the black market, so we wish the bill’s similar ease through the rest of Mexico’s government and into law.

For investors in American markets, specifically within the cannabis industry, this is noteworthy news. California, obviously – the first state to legalize medical marijuana – shares the southern border with Mexico, so early innovators in MMJ technology now face partnerships that could potentially be worth billions.

Canada followed suit and legalized medical weed a few years after California. Now, Prime Minister Trudeau has introduced a bill and recreational cannabis products will be legal in the country by July, 2018.

These are exciting times for the North American community. Colorado demonstrated the recreational industry’s potential, helping create a cultural shift on marijuana use. Regional legalization, taxes, partnerships and trades, would completely obscure the current state of operation.

We can only imagine what global legalization of recreational cannabis would create. All we know: things are certain to change dramatically – especially with our American neighbors – even in the next 2-4 years.



Born in the OC, raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and trained at the UNESCO City of Literature’s University of Iowa, Cole has a BA in English Literature and Certificate in Writing from the University’s undergraduate program.

Existentially overwhelmed by our grand story and humanity’s terrible scale, Cole maintains purpose through a focused appreciation of travel, new experience, creative expression, helping others and giving back to the planet. He has backpacked across Western Europe, exchanged labor for lodging on organic farms, and volunteered with underprivileged youth programs in his own neighborhood. He believes in sustained positivity, empathy, altruism, and the great potential of a more connected human species.

Cole’s values drew him, early in young adulthood, to the symbiotic nature of cannabis consumption and culture. He realized, immediately, the hypocrisy and greed behind cannabis prohibition. Therefore, he is an everyday advocate for breaking stigmatization. He believes cannabis not a simple hobby but, a movement. His future plans include making bomb vegan food, more travel, living the Boulder life, and – before hitting the big ‘three-zero’ – an MFA in Creative Writing.

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