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Dispensary Etiquette: The Right Way To Shop For Cannabis

The art of being a budtender is making customers feel comfortable and excited about purchasing cannabis. There are many elements that dispensaries provide to make these emotions happen: flowering house plants, relaxing music, local artwork, a shop dog, and much more. The one element that is out of the dispensary’s hands is how customers interact with their staff and the other patrons.

Patients Choice of Colorado

Patients Choice of Colorado

With emotions flying, I can understand how you can get carried away or find yourself in your own world. Whether it’s your first time or you are a veteran shopper, consider the following elements that you bring to the dispensary as a customer.

  1. Waiting Your Turn: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…there are no stupid questions when it comes to cannabis. However, when you hover over the shoulder of the person in front of you, you’re probably making them uncomfortable asking their questions. I get it, you’re excited and literally cannot wait to see the product. But, give them some space! People won’t ask as many questions when they feel cramped or rushed.
  2. Making Conversation: I pick out wine bottles based on labels. I simply just don’t know that much about wine! However, when I pop into Salt The Bistro for a post work beverage, the bar keep asks me what flavors or energy I want my refreshment to provide. A budtender has a similar mission! When you are looking for a particular strain or edible, your budtender may ask you questions. It’s not that they think you’re uneducated, they’re just trying to pinpoint the best product based upon the desires you have.
  3. Nature Of A Plant: Sometimes, I fall in love with one of our strains. However, I have to keep myself in check—just because we have a strain one day does not mean it will be there two weeks later. The marijuana strains being sold in dispensaries rotate based on which plants are currently being harvested. Be patient! If you can’t wait for your precious Blue Lagoon Kush, your budtender can offer suggestions to a similar strain.

After your ID has been checked and you are waiting wide eyed with a smile on your face, remember that you are a major part of what makes a dispensary such a cool experience! There is no need to rush through any part of shopping for cannabis. Take time, give space, and keep exploring.

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