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Light(en) Up, Lyons!

High five to you, Colorado! So many wonderful things have happened in our first year of recreational cannabis sales. By the time April 20th, 2014 rolled up, our state had collected over $10,000,000 in taxes from recreational cannabis sales. Crime rates have gone down and there is a whole new job market which has exceeded the number of law enforcement officers–statewide. Sorry, Nebraska and Oklahoma, I think we’re here to stay.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the dusty town of Lyons. With their 25 mile per hour speed zones and classically cow painted dairy bar, how could you not just love it? Which is why it was so hard to see their town pummeled by the flood of 2013. Lyons is known nationwide, as their town was the poster child for the Colorado flood. What the nation does not see, and we as Colorado residents do, is that the town is still in need of assistance.

Time Union

Time Union

It’s a good thing that the town of Lyons has a flourishing rec pot shop! Lyons receives 9% from all the recreational cannabis sales at The Bud Depot. If you haven’t taken a drive out to this remote location of Helping Hands Herbals, you should. Their shop is homey and decorated with educated, qualified budtenders with honest smiles. Not to the mention the bud! Organic, delicious, exploratory.

This shop serves the public (21 and up, of course) hailing from Estes Park, Longmont, Boulder, Spain, France, and anywhere between. This peaceful green oasis brings in nearly $300 a day in taxes for Lyons. At this rate, The Bud Depot will bring $100,000 of tax money to Lyons annually. Light at the end of the tunnel, right? Not so fast.

The residents of Lyons will vote on March 24th, 2015 to ban recreational cannabis sales in their town. There is only one question to be asked here and it’s “why?” If the worry is having cannabis in their town, I suggest they ask thy neighbor if they’re up for a toke. I’ve found that when out for a night in Lyons, people are pretty open about their cannabis use.

Oh, I almost forgot! There is a recreational dispensary on the towns border who will not be effected by the vote. They will still sell pot to the public and they still won’t pay any taxes to the town of Lyons. So, what’s the problem here?

It’s plain and simple, people. Give the people their recreational cannabis. Sit back, relax, and reap the benefits! We’re talking mega tax dollars! Whether you’re a resident of this delightful town, or your kids do ballet with a Lyons parent, spread the word about the vote. Lighten up, Lyons!


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