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Organic Cannabis: Why wouldn’t you?

I, like all other people, have my opinions on political and social arguments. Same sex marriage, a woman’s right to choose, fracking. Most of these things, I chose to vote on when the time comes, leaving my personal opinion out of conversations at work, The Pearl Street Pub, and the dinner table. However, the one topic I will speak for, anytime, anywhere, at any dinner table is the importance of growing and producing organic food.

Purple Peppers,  Gala Apples, and Palisade Peaches. Pesticide free and grown with love. These are all things we hunt for at the farmers market every year, waiting in line hoping to score some bounty before the vendors run out till the next week. So, I ask you on question: why would you purchase your cannabis from anyone who doesn’t boast their organic growing process?

Cannabis N.I.

Cannabis N.I.

We often see that organic produce is smaller in size and higher in price than non-organic produce. Although this is also true in the cannabis industry, you definitely get the benefits of organics. Better smell, better taste, and a cleaner, more desirable high. You will never go back to ‘chemmy’ pot again.

I’ve sampled cannabis from several dispensaries during my three years living in Boulder. Although I am partial to the pot shop I call home, I know of several dispensaries in Boulder with organic flower worthy of your smoking. Of course, I could tell you which bud to try at each shop, but that’s the fun of the individuals cannabis experiment, right?

Check out these local, lovely, organic pot shops and find the right green for you.

1. Karing Kind, 5854 Rawhide Court Unit C, Boulder, Colorado 80302

2. Native Roots, 1146 Pearl Street (downstairs), Boulder, Colorado 80302

3. Helping Hands Herbals, 1021 Pearl Street Suite B (upstairs), Boulder, Colorado 80302

4. The Farm, 2801 Iris Avenue, Boulder, Co 80301

I’ve found educated budtenders at each of these locations. Smart, patient, and delightfully stoney. Ask them about their shops growing process. Ask them their favorite things about organic cannabis. Ask them their favorite color! I wonder how many would say green? Whatever you do, ask if it’s organic.

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