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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things: Mary’s Medicinals Patches

Hair down to my bum, personally altered Grateful Dead t-shirts, bare feet. Fast forward ten years to a shoulder length bob, lace dresses, and heeled boots. If fifteen-year-old Emma Devine did not scream “I love marijuana!” I don’t know what does.

I’ve developed into a young woman working in the publishing world and frankly, I can’t show up to editorial meetings looking like I just put down my neighbors bong. In Boulder there is no need to be hush-hush about my cannabis rituals but once I leave the “Boulder Bubble” the story changes.  Much like my toned down hippie garb, sometimes I need to alter my cannabis consumption to something a bit more discreet. I’m not saying hide who you are. I’m simply highlighting a product that is not only truly incredible, but also discreet.

Mary’s Medicinals is one incredible company. They provide topical transdermal creams, cannabinoid packed capsules, and my personal favorite, transdermal cannabinoid specific patches. All of these products allow you to enjoy cannabis without lighting up a joint or chowing down on a chocolate bar.

Mary's Medicinals

Mary’s Medicinals

So, what is a transdermal patch? It’s a 2×2 inch square that sticks right to the skin. The word transdermal means to go through the skin, so, once it’s applied to the skin, you’re work is done! For the patch to be effective, you need to apply it to an area where veins are close to the skin. I always suggest the underside of the wrist to my patients. The back of the ankle and back of the neck are also good options.

Now, let’s get to the good part—the effect! Mary’s makes several patches, all with different cannabinoids which provide different results. Here are the non-psychoactive “non-stoney” options which are most commonly used medicinally:

  • THC-A: Inhibits cell growth, anti-spasmadic
  • CBD: Eliminates anxiety, eliminates inflammation, and assists with mood disorders like ADD and PTSD
  • CBN: Eliminates inflammation, assists with insomnia, has a similar effect to asprin

If you are looking for a bit of that classic cannabis high, try one of the following options:

  • THC:CBD : This patch has equal parts CBD and THC which will provide both the body and head high.
  • THC: Mary’s provides patches that are sativa or indica specific. If you’re looking to melt away after a long day of skiing, try the indica. If you’re heading to the New Year’s Eve Yonder show, give the sativa option a shot.

These patches are one of a kind. I haven’t found another equally discreet and accurately dosed product yet. I suggest this product to medical patients, recreational tokers, verteran smokers, and especially first time users which is precisely why Mary’s Medicinals Patches have made it onto my favorite things list this holiday season.

Whether you’re heading beyond state lines, looking for a way to show your parents the beautiful world of marijuana, or need to get through your finals, give this product a shot.

Happy Cannabismas, Good People!

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