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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things: Mountain High Suckers

There aren’t many things that I love more than candy and Christmas stockings. This year being the first holiday season with legal cannabis in Colorado, I expect Boulder resident stockings will be hung by the fire, stuffed with edible and smokeable marijuana treats! There is one treat in particular which I am hoping to find in my green knit stocking this year, and that is a Mountain High Sucker.

The Denver Post

The Denver Post

Peppermint, cinnamon, lemon lime, oh my! Whether you prefer, berry, citrus, or butterscotch, Mountain High Sucker has a flavor for you. These lollipops don’t just pack a delicious flavor, but the THC levels in both the recreational and medical products are on par with perfection.

The suckers for medical shops pack an approximate punch of 30mg THC, which included anywhere from 4-10mg CBD. In the recreational shops, you will find suckers with 10mg THC, which included 1-2mg CBD. One of my favorite elements of this product is the packaging which highlights the exact amounts of each cannabinoid in the individual lollipop.

Mountain High Suckers provide great pain relief, aid sleep, and offer a great feeling of general relaxation. In our medical shop, we suggest this product when patients are looking for high levels of CBD. Cannabidiol–commonly known as CBD–is a cannabinoid used as an anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, and even an anti-anxiety aid. This is precisely why we also suggest this to customers in our recreational shop.

We have all heard the edible cannabis horror stories. People who over-dose with edible THC can seriously benefit from CBD because it was combat the feelings of anxiety. The Mountain High Suckers provide a wonderful balance of THC and CBD in their product!

Whether you are looking to comfort your muscles after a long day in the back bowls of Vail, preparing for that dreaded holiday gathering, or seeking one last stocking stuffer, a Mountain High Sucker is a wonderful option. Although this is a wonderful surprise, I remind you how important it is to label your cannabis infused treats! Educate your family, young and old, of the effects of cannabis. Tell them where you’ve stored the products or hide them away in a spot one step better than their Christmas presents!
Hempy Holidays, Friends!

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