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Top 5 Activities to Combine with Cannabis

Despite the stereotype about cannabis making people lazy, cannabis pairs perfectly with several activities. Physical activity naturally stimulates the ECS by producing its own endogenous cannabinoid, anandamide. Anandamide is known for causing the euphoric sensation after exercise, often referred to as the runner’s high. Consuming cannabis can then compliment physical activity by supplying your ECS with exogenous cannabinoids, like THC and CBD. Here are five of the top activities to combine with cannabis.

1. Hiking

Hiking and cannabis have long been a favorite for many. Since cannabis hasn’t always been as socially acceptable as it is now, escaping into nature on a hike used to be a way of not getting caught. Today though, there are even cannabis hiking groups who you can join to celebrate and appreciate the outdoors and cannabis. The effects of cannabis have also been said to give you more focus, which can allow you to pay closer attention to your surroundings during a hike and connect with nature on a deeper level.



2. Disc Golf


Disc golf is a perfect example of an activity to pair with cannabis. It’s a game that takes place outdoors, involves your hand eye coordination, and keeps you walking in between throws. A company called CannaVenture, which specializes in outdoor cannabis activities, holds an annual Discs-n-Dabs Tournament. It’s always a sold-out event, and the recaps make it look like one hell of a time!

3. Running

There are so many runners who consume cannabis as a primary tool in their performance and recovery, and I’m included. I even just completed my first half trail marathon thanks to cannabis. I wasn’t even aware of how many runners consumed cannabis, especially smoking flower, until I got involved in the community. It’s very common for pain relief, as an anti-inflammatory, and as a tool for focus. Many runners, including myself, say it helps you stay in the zone when training or competing.

4. Walking

Did you know seniors are the fastest growing demographic of cannabis consumers? It’s true, and there’s a good chance some of those seniors you see may see speed walking around the mall are taking CBD or consuming other cannabis products. Walking is an excellent way to get in low impact exercise and keep the body moving, but it isn’t just for seniors and mall walks. Go on walks in your neighborhood, through a park, or at nearby nature trails.

5. Bicycling

You know what they say about cannabis and bicycling—it’s like riding a bike. Seriously though, bicyclists consume cannabis for many of the same reasons runners do. The effects can also elevate your experience of the ride; just remember not to overdo it if you’re new to cannabis and bicycling. Leisurely rides are common, and there are even some serious mountain bikers who turn to cannabis during long rides. 

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