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Edible Indulgence and the NFL

Why does the National Football League (NFL) deny their players the right to use marijuana instead of habit-forming opioids?  That is the billion dollar question!  While NFL players continue to be suspended for cannabis use with just 35 nanogram of THC per milliliter, consider the fact, the Olympics allow four-times that amount for athletes around the world in the biggest competition on the planet. Crazy, right? So, what’s a football fan to do…watch the game high, of course!

Edibles are a best bet for an evening of high-stakes football.  Here’s what to expect in a quality edible product:

  1. Shop smart.  Read the labels! Always look for the universal THC symbol for edibles.  Since last fall, all edible products are required to mark packages and product contents with this symbol to delineate from candy.  The symbol also ensures the product is created under specifications required by law.  Ask your Budtender what is best for your body type.
  2. Start low.  Like football, start with a simple kick-off.  As a rule, eat before you consume, otherwise you may experience nausea.  For novice users, begin with a 5 mg dose; for more seasoned players, a 10 mg dose is more suitable.  A lozenge is always a good choice;  you can savor the flavor well into the first quarter of the football game.
  3. Slow and steady.  Edibles require self-virtues like temperance and patience.  By half-time, gauge your buzz.  Wait at least a solid hour before you consider another dose, or at least until after Lady Gaga performs at half-time.

Remember, edibles provide a different high than vaping or smoking. Once described as the “mysterious high that creeps up on you,” an edibles experience can be unpredictable on your first try.  I recommend Jewels, a tasty indulgence made by a Boulder-based edible wholesale company, Wana Brands.   Available in 5 mg serving sizes, these assorted flavor sweet treats “start low and go slow” with precise portions to keep you in control of your experience.  You can find Jewels at most Boulder dispensaries.

If you are looking for a place to watch the 51st game of its kind, it’s FREE at the Boulder Theater!  While many of us still bask in the glory of last year’s Denver Bronco Super Bowl title, can we be equally entertained by the Patriots and Falcons?  Probably not.  Thank goodness there’s pot!

Check out Leaf of the Week every Monday at 4:20 pm and pause for the cause! 

As always, consume responsibility!

Peace, Love, and the Power of Cannabis

Lori Malcolm hails from a mountain town in western Maryland where she studied marketing, at Frostburg State University. She left a career in sales and sold her home to discover America from the front seat of her Subaru. After 48 states and 30 National Parks, Colorado was her first choice to call home.

After her two year journey, Lori settled in Boulder County and rekindled an old passion with cannabis. Her affinity with the ancient plant intensified after watching her husband suffer from the debilitating impact of rheumatoid arthritis and then seeing the incredible results of CBD tinctures to his continued recovery.

Lori currently works as a content writer and a cannabis trimmer. As an outdoor enthusiast, Lori enjoys all things Colorado, like hiking a 14'er or snowshoeing the high county. As a perpetual traveler, she looks forward to her next adventure, wherever it may take her. She and her husband reside in Lafayette, CO along with their two cats, Sage and Meadow.

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