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710 Dabbing Day

Photo Credit: Rebloggy

The following quote is to be read in your best stoner voice. “Duuuuude, I have an idea for the newest holiday in the cannabis world bro. OK, so let me tell you how we are gonna do it. OK, since we love taking oil dabs we will take that word “OIL” and read it backwards for some reason. Wait, wait, wait that is not right. Ok I got it. When it is turned upside down and backwards it looks like it now says the numbers “710” right? Just follow along it will make sense, you are going to love this next part bro. 710 will refer to 7/10, or July the tenth. Now on July tenth every year we are going to do even more dabs than we usually do, it is going to be sweet”.

That is roughly how I imagine this new holiday came to be. Like 420, the numbers 710 have not only become synonymous with the cannabis lifestyle they now indicate a new holiday on the cannabis calendar. Over the last few years a dab-centric culture has been evolving and naturally they have begun celebrating in honor of their dabs. It is a day when pale concentrate snobs exit their homes in search of a little sunlight, a new rig, and more dabs of course. Those who dab, or dabbers as they like to be called, do not even smoke flower anymore. A flower buzz is inferior to the buzz they get from ripping a big ole dab. Like everyone else though dabbers love a good party, even though they do not hang out for too long, ya know, dabs can get you really high.

Talk about a holiday that seriously came out of nowhere. Most cannabis historians will agree that the origins of this holiday, like April twentieth, are shrouded in a hazy cloud of mystery due to effects from short-term memory loss. Surprise, surprise there. Some in the cannabis community have asserted it was around 2012 that festivities began, when change and growth of the industry brought more methods for processing dabs. Then in 2014, legalization helped normalize the use of extracts and increased the availability of dabs available to customers. If you do a Bing search on the holiday you will start to see the first articles regarding a “holiday” popping up around then. Like the heavy smoke produced by the dabs themselves, the tale of Dabbing Day drifted away in the breeze. Perhaps we will never track down the originator of this new holiday but it will not stop us from getting out our best rigs, nectar collectors, and vapes for a day of…probably sleep, because taking dabs makes me pass out in about ten minutes. Oh sure, I hear you now, “boy Chris I thought you were a professional weed smoker being that you have all this status as a hot shot budtender”? Well, in my defense, I have only said that a few times but I am getting old. I like twisting up a nice doobie and sharing it with some pals. Unless I am going on vacation, a dab pen just makes life easy on vacation. If you celebrate Dabbing Day this year plan to be high AF. Happy Bastille Day.


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Chris grew up in Dover, Delaware with his sights set on the wild west. Inspired by 80’s and 90’s- era ski movies Chris found his way to Gunnison, Colorado in 1999 to attend Western State College, now Western State University, and to ski Crested Butte. In this little mountain town in the heart of the Sangre de Cristo mountains Chris also found a lovely little plant called cannabis. Chris still lives in Colorado, having moved to Steamboat Springs after graduating to follow his love of skiing, mountain biking, and all things outdoors. Currently working as a budtender with 7 years experience in the cannabis industry Chris has a passion for cannabis, a desire to write, and a love for Colorado.

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