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Five Things You Need To Know: Cannabis in Colorado

Marijuana in Colorado just isn’t what it was in Vermont. I mean that in the most wonderful of ways. Cannabis has been a part of my life for over ten years, but when I relocated to Colorado in 2012, my perspective changed. The pot sold in dispensaries is grown by horticulturists who have tailored the cannabis plant, providing classic strains and creating new ones. It’s truly one giant experiment that starts in seed and ends in indulgence. Without trying to sound like a Disney movie, it’s a whole new world! With a new world comes curiosity and even fear. I intend to explore with you, educate you, and open your eyes to part of what makes Boulder, Boulder. To start, here are five things you need to know about cannabis in Colorado.

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  1. All Cannabis Isn’t The Same: Are you familiar with the words “sativa” and “indica”? In short, sativa marijuana strains provide an energizing head high. As for indica strains, expect a more mellow experience accompanied by a heavy body high.


  1. Not Everyone In Colorado Uses Cannabis: Believe it or not, there are plenty of people in Colorado who do not indulge in the legalization of pot. Whether you are visiting Boulder for the weekend, scouting apartments before relocating to our beautiful city, or trying marijuana for the first time, just remember: Boulderites have been hearing about the positives and negatives of Amendment 64 for months. This city has other great conversation topics like great weather, great skiing, and last, and definitely not least, great beer.


  1. You Don’t Have To Smoke It!: I mean this in two ways. First, if you don’t want to try marijuana, don’t! However, I do suggest popping into a recreational dispensary as there are people all over this country who would love the opportunity. Second, if you are interested in experimenting, smoking cannabis isn’t your only option. Dispensaries provide chocolate bars, gummy bears, beverages, and even transdermal patches all infused with cannabis. Never hesitate to ask your budtender questions. That’s what they are there for and there are no stupid questions, especially in the cannabis world.


  1. You Can Get A DUI: Marijuana impaired and alcohol impaired drivers get equally large offenses. You can be looking at $10,000 in fines. If there is a child in your car, you can be charged with child abuse. You won’t be breathalyzed, but a blood test will be issued. However, an officer can make an arrest just by observing an impaired driver. There are many options for getting around Boulder. You could rent a bike, take the bus, or walk!


  1. What You Purchase In Colorado, Stays In Colorado: Shopping for marijuana, legally, for the first time is something you will never forget. Or maybe you will! Set an alarm on your phone or put up notes around your living space reminding you to leave your cannabis products behind. Outside of Colorado state lines, that brownie you have stashed in your backpack from your day-hike at Chautauqua can land you in a world of trouble. Ask your budtender if the shop has stickers, a marijuana menu, or simply take a few photos.


I look forward to digging deeper into these topics with you in the future. Have a question you need answered? An experience you want to share? Just comment on a post or say hello when you see me around town. I look forward to this adventure and encourage you to join me for the ride.


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