As an athlete and personal trainer, my mission is health for people and our planet. Cannabis is used as a medicine for many people, including myself, and as a safer alternative to harmful opioids and anti-inflammation drugs. There are so many reasons why increasing numbers of people and companies are choosing organic cannabis options, and here are a few.

1. Cannabis is Medicine

Many people consume cannabis for medicinal reasons. Individuals may also be battling serious illnesses and have compromised immune systems. This is why so many people are choosing organic cannabis to get the highest quality medicine for themselves or family members to use for healing and recovery.

2. Demand to Increase

Every purchase someone makes they are casting their vote for the item. When a product is purchased it is a vote by a consumer, which increases the demand. When consumers make conscious decisions about the products they consume, it can drive change in entire industries across the world. With increasing amounts of conscious consumers demanding transparency on the products they consume, companies providing higher quality products are rising to the top.

3. Cultivators Health

Each cannabis plant requires maintenance by the cultivator throughout its life cycle. If harmful chemicals such as pesticides or herbicides are used on the plant, it puts the cultivator at risk because of the contact required to harvest the plant material.

4. For the Animals

In addition to harming cultivators, pesticides and herbicides can harm other animals. Cannabis has been seen to improve bee populations and provide benefits to the environment, especially when grown outdoors. Cultivators who use organic growing practices are growing with tools that are friendly for the environmental surroundings. In addition to helping the bee population, utilizing organic methods will not kill other life like pesticides and not using herbicides will not contaminate the soil or groundwater where other animals live.

5. For the Planet

Cannabis has the potential to heal our planet. It can produce astonishing amounts of oxygen, much more quickly than trees, and can be used as a food source for people and animals. It can also be used to replace many toxic products around the world and is used for medicine. Cultivating the plant organically produces higher quality product for those that consume it and the entire planet.

Due to the current federal illegality of cannabis, cannabis companies cannot obtain the USDA Organic seal. However, the national program Cannabis Certification Council (CCC) believe the organic and fair labor industry standards for cannabis must be set and maintained by a non-profit so to avoid conflicts of interest. They also provide a list of other certifications currently available to distinguish clean cannabis. The CCC is an industry association with environmental implications. They are focused on educating the public and created to support clean and sustainability-focused production. They also advocate for clean and ethical production with a long-term goal of creating a certification for organic and fair trade growing. Remember, your purchasing power can drive change and choosing clean medicine can help heal our planet!