Ashley Kingsley, Co-Founder Ellementa

Women and Wellness go hand in hand. Women are traditionally more attune with their overall health and wellness needs for themselves, as well as their loved ones. I recently had the pleasure of attending my first Ellementa monthly meeting in Denver, this past August. Ellementa is a women-owned national startup building network, and resource for women interested in learning about cannabis wellness. They meet monthly in their locations to discuss health, wellness, and cannabis, with the goal of reaching and educating women. The group aims to release the stigma surrounding the plant, and hopes to empower women everywhere to ask questions, learn, and educate someone.

The meeting in August was held at the cannabis friendly Cluster Studios in Denver. Ashley Kingsley, Co- Founder and Entrepreneur, lead the discussion with two inspiring women in the cannabis industry, Jamie Thomas and Rachael Carlevale. I had the opportunity to listen to these women’s stories and have a discussion with both women currently in the industry, and others who were curious about learning more. Jamie Thomas is the founder of CannaEssence, which hand collects flower essences in Colorado to create the therapeutic life transforming body care products and services. Jamie discussed some of her techniques with the group and shared samples of her products for people to try. Rachael Carlevale is the Founder of Ganjasana. She is a Mindfulness Educator, Yoga Teacher and Leader of Red Tent Yoga Workshops. She discussed her personal story with cannabis and how the plant has become involved with her daily life. The group also discussed important topics such as pesticide use, labeling, sample modification, and regulation within the industry. Ganjasana only works with cannabis cultivated in no-till, living organic soil, and grown with safe and sustainably conscious methods that are mindful of the health of the plant, the environment, and the people. She was very helpful in answering cultivation questions as well as being very informative about topics including pesticides on the food we consume for nutrition, and organic and non-gmo labeling.

This month’s meeting will feature Cannabis leader and entrepreneur Missy Bradley, who is the Founder of Stillwater Brands. Stillwater has been very supportive of the CannaFitness industry and I can’t wait to learn more about Missy and Stillwater. The meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 26th at Urban-gro in Lafayette, CO. Urban-gro focuses on supplying not only the very best in professional cultivation product solutions, but also the knowledge and education required to maximize plant health and economic yield. They were also ranked by Cannabis Business Executive as the 19th largest ancillary business in the Cannabis space. I can’t wait to learn more!

According to a study that was conducted by Marijuana Business Daily, women hold 36 percent of executive positions in the cannabis industry, compared to other industries. Women are working together and building the industry from scratch. Not only are women working together, but they are also working to elevate future leaders within the cannabis industry and events such as Ellementa are helping to make this possible by bringing women together to discuss and highlight important topics, and enabling women to educate, empower and spread their knowledge and stories about this plant around the world.

I hope to see many new faces at this month’s meeting, and please encourage any woman you may think could benefit from cannabis or is canna-curious, to attend the meeting and ask questions. This plant has the ability to improve the quality of life for millions of people around the world. We can use this platform to discuss health, fitness, cannabis, and to reach and educate women around the world.

If you are interested in speaking, sponsoring or attending you can contact Ashley Kingsley at