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CannaFitness: CBD Benefits

Athletes train and fuel their bodies to operate at optimal levels in their sport. CBD is the non psychoactive compound found in cannabis. It is a non toxic, natural option that provides multiple mental and physical benefits. The recent announcement by the WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) to remove CBD from the banned substance list in 2018 provides a safer option to many athletes. With athletes and individuals allowed to consume CBD legally in all 50 states, it is diminishing the stigma surrounding cannabis and its users. It has the potential to provide a better quality of life when provided as an option.

Benefits of CBD:

Relieves Pain and Inflammation

Recovery from intense training or injury is key for any athlete’s lifestyle. CBD is a powerful pain reliever and reduces inflammation. It even calms muscle spasms that many athletes experience. CBD provides a natural alternative to organ damaging ibuprofen or addictive opioids that damage organs in the body and cognitive function.


Athletes are under pressure to perform. This pressure can come from coaches, fans, friends, family and ourselves. This can create stress and anxiety which can be alleviated by CBD to decrease cognitive impairment or anxiety.

Sleep and Relaxation

Muscles grow and recover during sleep, which is why it’s a crucial element in any athletes’ routine. Adequate sleep is also essential to function at optimal levels mentally. Consuming CBD provides a natural relaxation for the body and mind. This allows for a better nights rest and more consistent sleeping patterns.

Reducing Nausea

Someathletes experience nausea during and after training. CBD has been proven to aide in reducing nausea. Many studies have shown cannabinoids, such as CBD, to be more effective and provide a less harmful solution than other nausea medications.

Neuroprotective Effects

Athletes who participate in sports like football, martial arts, and other high contact sports are at a higher risk for injury to their bodies and brains. Consuming CBD prior to an injury offers a natural protection to many organs, including the heart, lungs and brain. The use of CBD continues to be researched for its incredible protective properties for athletes across all sports. The neuroprotective properties of cannabis are proving to help with the treatment of concussions, CTE, and other traumatic brain injuries.

Many athletes are benefiting from CBD, including myself, but you don’t have to be an athlete to improve your quality of life through its therapeutic effects. Parents, children and the elderly across all 50 states can use CBD to aid in muscle relaxation, sleep, anxiety, pain, and inflammation. Everyone can benefit from the the natural compound of CBD, without the deteriorating or addictive side effects of drugs prescribed for the same conditions. Whether you’re already benefiting from the plant, or learning more, your story can help. Everyone who shares their story and comes out of the green closet helps remove the stigma surrounding cannabis and its users. By doing so, this provides movement toward a better quality of life for the entire world.

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