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The Days of The Lazy Stoner Are Over

Photo Credit: Dope Magazine

Welcome all, to the CannaFitness weekly column, where you will learn all you need to know about cannabis and fitness, and get an exclusive inside look into this exciting emerging industry. Being a sponsored cannabis athlete myself, I know how fast CannaFitness is moving through the world. Even though the concept of using cannabis in association with athletics and fitness may seem new to most, I know first hand they’ve had a close relationship for a very long time. Only recently, in the past decade especially, has this topic slowly gained public momentum as the taboo and stigma of cannabis use has declined, resulting in more and more professional athletes, and everyday people, starting to share and be honest about their use of this incredible plant.

Hollywood has painted the picture of a pot smoker as lazy, irresponsible, and often dumb. It is this stereotype that silenced, not only the fitness community, but the large majority of the cannabis community who are intelligent, successful, productive members of our society. Out of fear of being stigmatized, and the illegality, we kept our cannabis use a secret. I know I did, at least for the most part. Before moving to Colorado I was a successful bank manager in Missouri on a fast track to future executive leadership. During that time, cannabis played a large role in my life, as it almost always has, but this wasn’t something I could openly talk about. I had always used cannabis to focus, compliment creativity, promote more restful sleep, and also, as a primary medication for coping with daily anxiety. This helped me in many ways throughout my professional career. I used cannabis to help me concentrate when I had big projects due, or presentations that needed presented to the board. It aided in my creativity when creating successful marketing plans, materials, and sales strategies. It certainly helped me rest after long days in the office, which were often immediately followed by local community events like charity fundraisers or chamber of commerce meetings. Yet still, it wasn’t a subject I could openly discuss.

This was before I fell in love with fitness and nutrition. My loves at the time were my wife, and banking. It wasn’t until later, when my wife and I started making big changes to create the life we truly wanted to live, when we both found a passion for fitness and nutrition. Having already been consuming cannabis for it’s many healing and medicinal benefits, we didn’t think anything of ripping the bong or smoking a joint before and after going on a run, or hitting the gym. At that time, we had no idea we would discover the world of CannaFitness.

It wan’t until after moving to Colorado when our eyes were opened to this industry. The community of cannabis users who are intelligent, successful, productive members of our society are no longer hiding in the shadows. What once used to be a taboo subject is slowly being discussed more freely, even in states where it’s still illegal. All the while, the use of cannabis and fitness is becoming more mainstream. Nationally, we have professional NFL athletes like Eugene Monroe, Eben Britton, and even former Heavyweight UFC Champion, Bas Rutten all advocating for cannabis. The subject of the NFL removing marijuana from it’s banned substance list has been plastered all over the headlines in both cannabis and regular news media. Locally, cannabis fitness classes are popping up, infused edibles are being made with athletes and overall nutrition in mind, and people like me and my wife are finding we can make a difference by setting a positive example, and demonstrating to people like Jeff Sessions, that marijuana doesn’t make you lazy, unsuccessful, or a bad person.

With that being said, I’m here to tell you, the days of the lazy stoner are over. The media has portrayed the fight against prohibition being fought by rebellious, lazy, unproductive people, marching barefoot in tie dyed t-shirts and dirty jeans with messy hair, picketing with large peace signs and flowers. The reality is, today’s fight against prohibition is being fought by everyone. This now includes CEO’s, and other business professionals who are marching in their wingtip shoes and three piece suits. We have professional athletes in their cleats and jerseys carrying their trophies and gold medals, elite mixed martial artists, barefoot, but holding title belts, and of course, you and I. The every day people who have an interest in their physical fitness, nutrition, and overall well being. Instead of picket signs, we’re armed with social media and the ability to share our lifestyle with the world. No matter what group within the cannabis community you may identify with, we all have a love for cannabis in common. Those of us who know cannabis can be incorporated into your fitness as part of your every day health and wellness routine are bringing the fight in our moisture wicking materials and cross training athletic shoes, wielding our kettlebells, foam rollers, and shaker bottles full of hemp protein. Come back every Saturday to find out more about what CannaFitness is, how it’s making a tremendous impact on the fight against prohibition, and who’s behind the movement.

Until next week, wishing you health and wellness.

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